There are some professionals who’s details many of us will always have at our fingertips, plumbers, electricians, dentists for example, and I am here today to tell you that you need to add a lawyer to that list. Whilst I understand that there will be few times in your life that you’ll need a lawyer at short notice, there are times when you’ll need one, and it is likely that the last thing that you’ll want to do in such a situation is go searching around for a great lawyer.

I learned a few years ago that having a lawyer on hand would be a smart option and that is why I looked far and wide and connected with Groth & Associates, should I ever need a legal professional in the future. You may be sitting there thinking that you’ll never need a lawyer, but here are just a few circumstances which could befall you, that will change your mind.


Nobody marries with the intention of getting divorced but the rates of divorce do show that this is an unfortunate end to many people’s marriages. During times such as this you need someone on your side, not only to help with the legal side of things, but also to offer support of a more personal nature. Divorces can happen pretty quickly so it really makes sense to ensure that you have a lawyer already lined up for such an event.

DUI Charge

Regardless of how sensible you are, we can all be prone to an error of judgement or a flat out mistake, and get caught under the influence behind the wheel. This was the example that happened to me some years ago thanks to driving the morning after a night out. I would never knowingly drink and drive and I made a terrible miscalculation. At that time I didn’t have a lawyer lined up that I could depend upon and I really wish that I had. These things can happen to anyone and having a lawyer to call is a smart move.

Employment Issues

All manner of unlawful things can take place at work, unfair dismissal, personal injury, accusations or breaches of contract. In such a circumstance it is fair to say that you won’t exactly be in the best frame of mind to search around your area for the best legal team practicing employment law and so it makes sense to have prepared for such an event. If you work for a big company then this is far more apparent as they often have heavy handed legal teams who will look to defend their client at all costs. Naturally none of us would like to think about having issues at work but they really do happen and it makes a great deal of sense for you to prepare for the worst, and lawyer up.

All manner of things could happen in your lifetime that could see you need a lawyer, make sure that you have one in your contacts list.