In this day and age it is absolutely vital that all businesses place high focus on their level of cyber and cloud security. More and more businesses are turning to the internet, software and the cloud in order to manage their data and their personal information and this can leave them susceptible to cyber attacks. No company is without risk in this field and in recent years we have seen hacks on some of the biggest businesses on the planet.

A great solution to many of the existing threats is user behavior analytics tools which can really boost your security. If you aren’t familiar with why this method of security is going to dictate the security of the future, here are just a few reasons.

Out With The Old

The problem with cyber security, for the most part, is that it is often reactive rather than pro-active and the majority of solutions come about after an attack has taken place. This is the same for user behaviors and why this new way of securing ourselves against attacks has come about. Traditional security measures which are based around virus signatures and protocol analysis, simply can’t keep up with the new ways of attacking which have been designed to find away around the old and more traditional forms of security.


Many hackers will create a privilege account from which they can launch their attack, such was the case for Amazon Web Services when their cloud service was attacked. Naturally this is something that must be avoided and through the use of UBA, the attempt to create a privilege account would not be allowed and the hacker would need to find another way to go about their attack. This not only prevents an attack in the first place, but also prevents the risk that such an attack would have. In the Amazon situation for example, a ransom demand was made and when it was rebuffed, the hacker was able to use the backup of the privilege account, to wipe everything from the cloud.

Low Priority Threats

One of example of how UBA can help to cut down on attacks is based on the idea that hackers use low profile accounts to enter into systems. Traditional methods would always focus on the high risk accounts such as those of a sales team or a chief executive. The reason that traditional methods no longer work is because savvy hackers will attack a very low-level profile and then from there, they will enter into the system and find ways to access confidential information. Using user behavior analytics, this would never be allowed to happen as the software would react as soon as lower priority account began looking into confidential information.

As you can see, UBA is going to very much dictate the future of online and cloud security because of the highly specific nature of the software. Many attacks that have been made in the past could never be completed with UBA tools and if you want to protect your cloud an your data, this is the solution you should look for.