Being in a hit and run accident can be a life-changer for many people.

With that in mind, what should be your first actions if you are the unfortunate victim of such an accident? 

From making sure you escae serious injury to holding the one who hit you responsible, there is a lot to think of.

Don’t Let Someone Get Away with Harming You

When you’ve been in a hit and run, the first thing to do is make sure you are physically okay.

Yes, such an accident can be quite bad for your health.

Depending on the severity of the accident, you could suffer quite a few injuries or even a lone serious one.

That is why it is imperative for you to get checked out as soon as possible. 

In the event medical personnel do not come to the scene of the accident, get checked out elsewhere. You could go to the nearest medical facility or see your own doctor as soon as possible. The goal is to make sure you have no hidden injuries. These can include things like a concussion and internal injuries.

Once you are sure you are okay medically, the focus turns to finding the driver.

No, you should never seek vengeance and take matters into your own hands. That said you can do a little investigative work.

One option is to let the Internet help you out.

If the hit and run was in California and/or the driver had a California license plate, start the search online. 

You can proceed with a California license plate lookup.

Such a lookup could move you closer to discovering who the driver is, what they drive and even where they are at.

Keep in mind that lawfully tracking down the driver moves you closer to getting some closure. If you have the driver’s licence plate, this will also help you in building a legal case against them. For example, if you were a pedestrian injured by a car mounting the pavement, you should head to a site like to find a lawyer who will help you to determine how best to challenge the driver and win compensation.

What About Your Vehicle?

Even with no serious injuries and moving closer to finding the driver, what about your auto?

The hope is that your vehicle did not sustain any serious damage. In the event it did, you will have to look into the likelihood of getting another car or truck. The hope is that your auto insurer and the insurer of the perpetrator of this incident can work together. If not, you at least want your insurer taking up your case.

Finally, what can you learn from such an accident?

For one, was there anything different you might have done leading up to the accident?

The hope is you are always focused when driving and do not get easily behind the wheel. Despite your best efforts, there may in fact have been no way to avoid this accident at the end of the day.

Moving ahead, try your best to avoid such an incident ever again.

Given hit and run accidents are in fact rather common; there can be at times no way to go about avoiding them.

Use your best judgment driving ahead and do all you can to get home safely each day you need to take to the roads.