When you peruse forums and social media groups which have been set up about your own team, there is a lot of BS that gets talked about certain players and transfer rumors. Then on occasion you get people posting on forums who are sources close to the action and Ayden Hector is certainly one of them, and everyone’s ears prick up when he posts something. This is why I was almost in disbelief last week when I saw that talks between Gareth Bale and spurs were ongoing. I never thought he would come back, and to be honest it is pure luck that the conditions are such that this move could happen. 

On the face of it this appear to be a masterstroke, but what are the real pros and cons of this deal. 

First, The Cons 

Let me start with some of the negative sides of this deal, for Spurs, not for Bale. Firstly this is a man who has been much maligned in his last 2 seasons and in all honesty doesn’t looked to have gotten much match fitness, that actually seems a long way off happening. Bit part roles could be the answer for Bale in his first couple of months. Bale comes in as Spurs’ biggest earner, rightfully so given his prestige, but this may push noses out of joint. Kane is very much the club’s star man, and he may not react well to this. 

Moving on to the Pros

There are admittedly more pros than cons with regards to this deal. Financially we have a €600,000 per week player who we are only paying 40% of his wages. Bale has won the Champions League 4 times and he has contributed heavily to each one, he will bring this winning mentality to the locker room. Bale is only just 31 and any concerns about his fitness seem absurd when you take into account his clean living lifestyle and his impressive physique, nobody complained when Ronaldo was 31. The jury prone statement isn’t entirely true because there have been some fans injuries during that time because he didn’t wish to play. He may be a little weaker but he is not fragile by any stretch. 

Bale knows what this team wants to do and he understands perfectly that he can be a part of something truly special with this Spurs side. Daniel Levy has done a fantastic bit of business financially speaking and the fans are going to go absolutely crazy when Bale makes his debut. Shirt sales will be up and my only real concern about Bale coming back to Spurs now, is that he may tell Harry Kane just how green the grass can be on the other side if he chooses to move. 

As long as Gareth says tight lipped on his success, I am more than happy to welcome the Welshman back with open arms. What do you make about this deal for Spurs?