Before you get into the transport business, it is important to do the required background research and feasibility studies. This includes ensuring you have the proper documentation, government backing, and pay the correct taxes (look up toms vat scheme for more details), so that you have the possibility to thrive within your sector. Getting into the transport business has its own unique set of challenges and understanding what you are getting into means you will be prepared. Being prepared makes you more likely to succeed.

If you are considering getting into the transportation business, here are a few niches that you should consider. They are an ideal starting point because of their low barrier to entry, and the ease with which they can be set up.

Start easy with a bicycle rental service

If you live in a city where cycling is a part of the culture and habit, then consider starting a bicycle rental service. Bikes are mostly needed in specific cities which already have a cycling culture and cities that offer recreational tourism. If the attraction in your area is cycle tourism, look for a large hotel or resort and set your business up close to it.

That way, you feed off an already large customer base just ready for you. You’re going to need space to store all your rental bikes, a storefront and of course lots of bicycles to rent out. In case you are wondering, it is as easy as it sounds.

Carve your own niche with your own limousine service

Luxury always comes at a price and you can receive this price when you start your own limousine service. Everybody needs to travel in luxury at a point in their life and with your limousine service you’ll be ready to cater to them.

It’s easy to handle all the scheduling and driving yourself in the beginning. All you need is one limousine, the right type of vehicle insurance, a clean licence and a knowledge of what makes a good driver to get people to trust you and you’re good to go. As your business grows, you can add more cars and drivers to your fleet.

Get on the move with a moving van business

A small moving van business is pretty easy to set up. To stay ahead of competition, you need to infuse your business with professionalism and be creative about offering exclusive add-on services. A few ideas for add-on services include temporary storage space for people who might need a place to keep property between moves, certain pre-moving services and more.

You can start by purchasing one truck, or if you have enough capital, more trucks in different size ranges. You’re going to need a few employees even if you decide to handle administration on your own (although you can start with one) and space to store your trucks. Emphasize professionalism so that your reputation remains intact with clients.

Move things around by providing courier service

Delivering parcels and smaller packages to destinations within and outside the country is a business that can be easily set up. You could choose to transport only one of small envelopes, larger shipments or small packages. If you combine all package sizes, then you have better chances of maximizing your profit.

An easy way to establish yourself is to subcontract your services to an already established courier company, meaning that you will personally deliver and pick up parcels. Be warned that this method has the disadvantage of having the lowest profit potential. Starting your own business outright with all the required marketing and development of business relationships may cause your business to start slow but it will soon start to pick up.