We can all be guilty of not organizing our photos, something which usually results in having albums on our phone or computer which are a mess, filled with useless snaps and a generally disorganized collection. The best solution to this is to create photo albums, either digitally or printing out copies and putting them in a photo book.

Creating photo albums isn’t difficult and to make it easier you should have a quick look on the web to find the best online photo album maker, which will make the entire process easier. Whether you are making photo album for a gift, or just for yourself, there is much to consider, and here is how to piece it together.


Your photo album should tell a story, either of your travels, a friendship or an event. In order to best achieve this, you should first start by thinking about which photo to put at the beginning, and which at the end. Once you have decided on these photos, you can start piecing together the story. In terms of the last photo try to use something spectacular, something beautiful or a really memorable photo. The beginning photo should set the mood of the album.

High Quality

Another important aspect which you need to focus on is to ensure that the photos which you are putting in your album are of very high quality. This can be difficult if you have a photo which you love, but the quality just isn’t there. In such as situation you can try to clean up the photo with some editing, but you must be ruthless with your standards to ensure that the album looks as great as you want it to.

Mixing it Up

Another key to a great looking photo album is that you mix up the photos, and don’t put a lot of similar photos in sequence. For example if you have photos of people and of landscapes, it looks a great deal better if you can alternate between the two types of images, to ensure that the overall look of the album is better, and more interesting.


A good photo album really shouldn’t contain more than 40 images, less if possible. If you add more images than this then you run the risk of people getting bored, or of featuring many of the same photos, albeit at different angles and different conditions. Map out your album before you put it together, and make sure that you don’t go too crazy and place every photo which you have inside the album.

Additional Design

Simply placing photos inside a book isn’t enough and you must add some additional design features to make the piece look better. Perhaps you could add some writing next to each photo explaining the image, alternatively you should look at designing the pages differently, to really bring the photos to life. Using an online service is a great way to ensure that you have a beautifully designed book in which to place your photos.

Follow these steps and you can count on a greta looking album.