I have always found it strange the way in which we choose people to be inspired by, or our very own heroes. Growing up I always looked up to my favourite singers or actors, as I got a little older, I realised that these were probably not the best people to look up to and that there were some far more intelligent people and people who had found more success in more difficult circumstances that I wanted to be inspired by.

I think that we look up to celebrities and rock stars through envy, wising that we had their life but as you grow up things change. I was lucky enough to meet one of my more recent heroes, Pedro Martin Terra Group CEO and highly inspirational man. The reason I looked up to him so much is because of the way that he has transformed real estate development, a particular passion of mine, and how hard he’d worked on helping communities. They say that you should never meet your heroes, something that I disagree with incidentally, but nobody ever says how you should choose them.


I see no point in looking up to rock stars and actors if you don’t have a passion or the skill to actually be like them. The reason for example that I respect Pedro Martin so much for example is because I am trying to forge my way as a real estate developer and he is doing exactly the kind of thing that I would like to do when I reach his level.


You should look at someone who makes you want to strive for more success, to work harder and to commit yourself to something. Inspiration is one of the keys behind having heroes and if you don’t feel inspired by someone then you perhaps respect or idolise them, but they aren’t going to become your hero.

All Round Good

I find it fascinating how much we are willing to forgive about a person just because they do something that we enjoy, this is not how to find a hero. Your hero should be a great person inside and out, perhaps ethyl have misgivings but generally speaking they should be living the kind of life that you took would want to live.


A hero should make you feel positive  about yourself and your actions, they should inspire positivity inside you and they should always make you feel as though they are someone to look up to. When it comes to selecting someone to inspire you and make you feel as though you can achieve more than you though possible, there really is no room for negativity.

It is important to make the distinction between idols and heroes and as you grow older you begin to be able to make this distinction with much more ease. There is absolutely nothing wrong with having heroes, just make sure that you choose the right ones.