These two Luxury German brands go head to head in terms of their market and performance. Both automobile makers have a rich history and success in the industry. Some would say they inspire each other to bigger and better things each year.

The competition between the two is as fast and furious as ever. So lets take a look at both and see who comes out on top in different areas.

mercedes benz


JD Power Ranks cars in terms of different factors based on the research conducted throughout the year. The 2018 vehicle dependability study looks at the top 26 Brands. As expected BMW and Mercedes Benz entered the top half of the table performing better than the industry average with Mercedes finishing 12th with 147 problems per 100 vehicles. BMW finishing at number 7 in the rankings 127 problems per 100 cars.

Note that the Rankings include minor issues which are expected and both scores are pretty good, however BMW came out on top on this occasion.

Winner- BMW


Both BMW and Mercedes offer a wide range of vehicles for purchase and both have fantastic safety records. BMW offers pretty much all of the safety features to its cars available in the market with extra top technology features that includes night vision and collision prevention systems. While Mercedes Benz is known for being at the cutting edge of safety technology over the past decade with new systems such as a drowsiness monitor for tired drivers and collision warning with brake assistance.

According to US News Mercedes just edges it coming 5th on their list with BMW coming 6 out of the major brands. Since it was too close to call we decided a tie would be a fair result.

Winner- Tie


Both Mercedes and BMW create luxurious and stylish cars both interiorly and exteriorly. But with Mercedes sexy sporty designs and new range of classy SUV’s they win this battle. The BMW may look like the more powerful car, but the Mercedes Benz range are more elegant!

Winner- Mercedes Benz


Mercedes has seen a push to improve performance make a real difference on its cars models in recent years. The Mercedes Benz S Class scored the best of the all Mercedes and BMW cars with 9.2 on US News Reviews. Close behind was the BMW 5 series at 9.1. Cars from both brands reach similar top speeds and feel amazing to drive long distances especially around the countryside, so there’s no winner here!

Winner- Tie


It’s close, very close. Both brands have fantastic luxury cars and it really depends on your personal preference. But in my opinion the Superior style of the Mercedes Benz means it wins this battle for me.

It seems like the general consensus tends to agree since last year BMW lost its crown to Mercedes which became the World’s Biggest Luxury Car brand. Anyway it’s a close call and you really should do some more research and follow your heart! Visit your local Mercedes Dealership and see you if you can take one for a test-drive to see what you think and feel Comment below and let us know your opinion!