Brand Your VanBranding your business vehicle is a good advertising strategy. It not only helps you attract leads through outdoor advertising but is also useful for building brand authority and trust. Your business can enjoy a number of different benefits when this is carried out the right way.

Here are better tips on how to brand your van:

Set Target Advertising Goals

What do you intend to achieve with the branded vehicle? Is your main aim to look professional or are you trying to reach out to prospective clients?

Whatever your goals are for branding your vehicle, they should be obvious to people in order to achieve the desired results. What you do, your business name and your location should also stand out. If the vehicle is for laundry service, your brand name and the word “laundry” should be bold and obvious.

Invest in Great Graphic Design

If you want to wrap your commercial vehicles, you should insist on great graphic design. The design should complement your logo, reflect your brand message and also stand out from those of your competitors.

Before you hire a designer, take a look at their most recent jobs and determine if they can give you the desired results. A good designer will come up with several ideas giving you a comfortable range of available design choices. Run the idea by your vehicle insurance provider too to be sure it doesn’t create any issues with your policy.

Be Bold and Daring

To gain attention easily, you need to be bold and daring in your design. A good way to start is to go big with your lettering. While font sizes and styles speak to individuals in different ways, you can always guarantee that big lettering will attract attention.

Your prospective clients need to be able to read your brand name and contact details at first glance even while you are a reasonable distance away. This doesn’t mean the advert needs to be gigantic to get the desired attention. Clear messaging that you can read from a distance will do you well.

Choose Font Styles Carefully

Like we mentioned earlier, people react to font styles differently. As little as it may seem, a message written in a particular font style can draw out different reactions from the same individual when written using another style. Keep that in mind when picking styles. Any style that keeps the message simple and easy to read should be preferred over one that requires extra time to read. With a simple font, you can also project a professional image to your viewers.

Highlight Your USP

Your Unique Selling Proposition or USP is, in most cases, what makes the difference between an average business and one that is popular with its customers. Your vehicle branding should highlight what makes your business different from those of your competitors. If there’s any special offer or promo you are running currently, you could highlight in a removable decal on your van panels. Let your viewers and prospective clients know what they are missing by not choosing you.


Branding your van requires only a small amount of effort when compared to actual marketing strategies. While the method or manner of branding determines how much impact it makes on people, a branded vehicle is a good and cost-effective way of boosting your image.