I is often said that everyone has at least one book in them, but so few of us ever actually sit down and make it happen. There are many reasons for this of course, but the truth is that we really do all have what it takes. Perhaps we are not all destined to be best selling authors like Roger Wolfson, a man with incredible talent, but we can all achieve something here, as long as we have the right frame of mind. These are the basics which you are going to need if you really want to write that book you’ve always had in mind.


You cannot just sit down and write any old book about a random subject, this has to be something which you are genuinely passionate about. Without the passion for the subject matter, you simply won’t have the drive to make it to the end of the book. Pick something which means everything to you, a topic which you can really get your teeth into and which will keep you entertained.

Great Work Ethic

Whilst writing a book is very much a creative process, you cannot just pick it up and put it down as and when you feel like it, you have to treat it like it is a job that needs to be done. This means that you should be looking to set minimum hours per day which you are going to spend writing. If you leave too many days in-between then you will lose your flow and your thought processes, and this will very much come across in the book when you are writing it.

Belief in Yourself

One of the main reasons why so many people never get around to writing that book, is that they simply don’t have enough belief in themselves for it to happen. This is critical because without real belief, you won’t put in the necessary work which is required to finish the book. It may be a shaky start of course once you start writing, but eventually you will come to learn that you absolutely do have what it takes and you can make this a reality, you just have to be prepared to go through a little pain to get there.

Good Research Skills

Even great writers like Roger Wolfson don’t just sit down and write out a book straight off the top of their heads, and this is why having great research skills is absolutely essential. No matter how well you think you know the topic which you are discussing, it is critical that you invest a good chunk of time in the investigation and research process. The better researched you are, the higher quality the book will be and the more believable it will be for the reader. DOn’t underestimate the importance of great research.

This is is something which is possible for everyone, no matter how good of a writer you think that you are.